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Game Rules

Welcome to the KyotoQuiz! We have compiled the game rules on this page to give you a super-smooth start into the world of quizzing!

Please keep in mind that our app is still in a very early stage. To improve the quizzing experience we test a lot of ideas so that we might have to adjust the game rules occasionally.

Of course, you will be able to trace changes of the game rules through this little version overview:

  • Last change: 13.02.2018
  • Version 1: First set of rules


This quiz is, like many others, about answering as many questions in a row as possible.

Nothing spectacular. That's why it should be easy for you to get along. However, we have created some special features that make our quiz stand out. Those unique elements are covered here.

Have fun reading!

Game Screen

The game screen is the centerpiece of our quiz. That's why it so important for you to know the functionality of the elements. Here's an overview.



In the upper center your profile picture and your user name are shown.



You don't have all the time in the world to answer a question. The timer in the upper right corner shows you how many seconds are left.



You get one point for every correct answer. You find the score at the bottom center of the screen.



The Next button is displayed above and below the content area. If your answer is correct you'll proceed to the next question by touching the Next button. If your answer is wrong, you'll be sent to the results screen.

Report Question

Report Question

Nobody is perfect. Especially us. When you feel that our way of asking questions is misleading, the answers are inappropriate or something is just buggy, please touch the bubble symbol in the lower right corner to report these issues. We REALLY appreciate your help!



Would you like to check the game rules or drop us a line? Just touch the i symbol and choose.

End Play Session

End Play Session

You've got enough? Choose one of two options to end your play session and cancel the game.

  1. Touch the X symbol in the lower right corner.
  2. Touch the quiz logo in the upper left corner.
Championship: Please be aware that the points you've earned so far in the session won't be saved if you cancel the game. You'll directly return to the start page.
Free Play: It's the same in the Free Play mode when you have chosen a certain number of questions (10, 25, 50 or 100) you'd like to answer. Exception: When you choose "all" questions and cancel the game session by touching the X symbol you get to the results screen.

Game Modes


In Championship mode, you play for the top position of the highscore table. But you can not allow yourself to make any mistakes: With only one wrong answer, the game round is over!

But we will not send you into the race without any help. You have three jokers available, which you should use wisely. You have only one copy of each. Here you can learn more about the jokers.

If you have given the wrong answer, you will see on the results screen how many points you have reached. This is followed by the highscore screen. The highscore ranking consists of two parts:

  • Highscore ranking of the current month:
    The list includes all rounds of the current month. It is reset every month.
  • All-time highscore list:
    This is where the quiz elite meets. This eternal ranking lists the best performances since the beginning of the [#quiz_name#]. Can you make it into the top 10?

Free Play

I the Free Play mode, you play without any competitive pressure. In addition, the game does not end after the first wrong answer, but continues to run as long as you want.

Before the game starts, you decide how many questions you want to answer: 10, 20, 50, 100 or all available questions.

Free Play Mode

If you select a certain number of questions, you will receive an evaluation after the last question. Did you settle for "all", you will see the evaluation a) after the last available question or b) if you finish the game round by touch the X symbol in the bottom right, for example after 11 questions.

The evaluation in the Free Play mode shows you the percentage of questions you answered correctly.

Free Play: Evaluation
There is no skip joker in free play mode.
The version with all questions is particularly suitable for situations in which you can not see how much time you have left to play. If you have to quit the game abruptly, you still receive an evaluation via the X symbol.

Question Types

To make the quiz as varied as possible for you, we have created different question types. We'll introduce them here!

Questions With One Correct Answer

This is the most common question type in our quiz. Among the answer options is only one correct. Your job is to find them. All other answer options are wrong.

Questions With Multiple Correct Answers

This can be a little tricky sometimes! We have also added questions where there are several correct answer options.


Question: What is a river in Kyōto? (Choose 2.)

A: Kamogawa (right)
B: Sumida (wrong)
C: Takano (right)
D: Kanda (wrong)

You can easily recognize this question type. We tell you right after the question how many correct answers to choose – in the above example, "(Choose 2)".

Touch the correct answers in succession. As soon as you touch the last one of them, time stops and you get a point.

Sorting Questions

For these questions, the answer area looks very different. The answer options are in the middle, on the left is a red area with a cross symbol, right is a green area with a circle symbol.

Sorting Questions

Your task is quite simple: Drag the correct answers from the middle to the green area, the wrong ones to the red area ("drag and drop"). You do this until you have correctly assigned all questions. This works just as well with the computer mouse as with the finger.


Question: Which of the following is a sightseeing spot in Kyōto?

A: Skytree
(wrong → red area)
B: Schokoladenmuseum
(right → green area)
C: Golden Pavilion
(right → green area)
D: Cologne Cathedral
(wrong → red area)

Only if you drag and drop all the answers correctly, you'll get a point.

For sorting questions, the 50-50 joker is disabled..


We'd like the quiz to be varied. Therefore, we have considered a few tricks on some questions…

Image Questions
Below the question, we show an image to which the question relates. Sometimes we only show a section, sometimes we manipulate the motif.

Image Questions

Fill-in-the-Blank Questions
You probably know fill-in-the-blank texts from school. That's exactly how our questions work. Select one or more answers that fill one or more blanks.

Fill-in-the-Blank Questions

Question Without a Question?!
Some questions ask for your "around the corner" thinking. It is not obvious at first glance what we want from you. Sometimes we don't give you a real question, but a statement, sometimes we play with proverbs or twisting letters. Keep calm, think across and get the point.


Helping hands! When you don't have a clue, use a joker. But remember: You only have one of each kind.

Pause Joker

Pause Joker

You have to answer every question in a certain time. The Pause Joker stops the countdown and gives you time to think (…or google ;-)).

Skip Joker

 Skip Joker

Next question please: If you touch the skip joker, the next question will be shown to you. It is therefore suitable for topics of which you have no idea.

In Free Play mode, the skip joker is disabled.
You do not get a point for the question you skip.

50-50 Joker

50-50 Joker

With this joker, the answer options are reduced so that only one correct and one wrong answer option remain. So you have a real fifty-fifty chance after using this joker.

For questions with multiple correct answers, we cut out all right and wrong answers until only ONE right and ONE wrong remain. For a true 50-50 chance.
For yes-no questions, the 50-50 joker is disabled.
For sorting questions, the 50-50 joker is disabled.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Then contact us! We'll get back to you within 24 hours.